“It is a great opportunity to meet people with similar research
interests and friends for life. Highly recommend doing it
at least once.”

João Vitor Pinto e Silva, University of Newcastle

Participant Talks

Share your research with your peers at AMSI Summer School and be in the running to win up to $400 in prizes!

Exchange ideas and explore how others are using mathematics to solve real world problems and further the discipline.

How to participate:

  • Submit a 100 word abstract about your research or project via the form link below
  • Present a 5 minute presentation to your peers at AMSI Summer School
  • The best presentations (as voted by Summer School attendees) will win up to $400 worth in prizes

We encourage all AMSI Summer School students to get involved. Best of luck!

Key Dates

Abstract submissions open
Abstract submissions close
Participant talk presentations

Tips for presenting

  • The talk does not have to be about research already conducted. If you are at the start of your Honours year you may want to present about the thesis/research question you propose to investigate
  • Consider the impact and/or innovation of the research/work
  • Many people suggest 1 slide per minute. For a 5 minute talk then we would suggest roughly 5 slides. More than 7 slides would be too many.
  • Make sure you have practiced how to share your slides and check if any animations work correctly (note animations are not essential).
  • Remember that there will be participants outside your direct discipline watching your talk. It is important to ensure that your talk can be understood by a general mathematics audience, and to avoid overly technical details.

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