“The variety of courses gave different flavours of maths that I had never seen before. My world got a little bigger after participating in Summer School.”

Wills Ton Minh Nguyen, The University of Adelaide


Summer School participants can study one or two of the eight intensive honours-level subjects offered. One subject may be taken for credit towards their degree with the permission of their home university.

Before applying for a subject/s please

  1. Read the subject guides and required prerequisites
  2. Take the quizzes below to find out about the level of foundational knowledge required to participate
  3. Consult the timetable to see which combinations are possible (if taking two subjects)


Summer School 2023 Commences
Summer School 2023 Concludes
Summer School 2023 Examinations (conducted at home)
Subject Lecturer Course Information Quiz
Analysis of finite element methods for incompressible flow and for elasticity equations Associate Professor Ricardo Ruiz Baier, Monash University Subject Guide Take Quiz
Geometric Group Theory
(Proudly sponsored by AustMS)
Professor Murray Elder, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Adam Piggott, Australian National University
Dr Lawrence Reeves, The University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Anne Thomas, University of Sydney
Subject Guide Take Quiz
Introduction to the modelling of continuous multivariate distributions using copulas Professor Ivan Kojadinovic, UPPA, France Subject Guide Take Quiz
Mathematical optimization and modern applications with Python
(Proudly sponsored by ANZIAM)
Dr Scott Lindstrom, Curtin University
Dr Hoa Bui, Curtin University
Subject Guide Take Quiz
Nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications Dr Mat Langford, The University of Newcastle Subject Guide Take Quiz
Random Matrix Theory in Quantum Information Dr. Mario Kieburg, University of Melbourne Subject Guide Take Quiz
Spatial Statistics Dr Charlotte Jones-Todd, The University of Auckland NZ Subject Guide Take Quiz
Stochastic transport modelling Professor Matthew Simpson, Queensland University of Technology Subject Guide Take Quiz

Summer School for Credit

Did you know you could take a Summer School subject for credit and have it count towards your degree?