“The variety of courses gave different flavours of maths that I had never seen before. My world got a little bigger after participating in Summer School.”

Wills Ton Minh Nguyen, The University of Adelaide


Summer School participants can study one or two of the eight intensive honours/masters level subjects offered. Each subject consists of 28 contact hours (combination of lectures, tutorials/labs etc.)

Students can choose to take one subject for credit towards their degree with the permission of their home university.

Before applying

  1. Read the subject guide and required prerequisites. Due to the intense nature of the subjects, it is important that participants meet the prerequisite requirements for their chosen subject.
  2. Take the pre-enrolment quiz to self-evaluate your skills and get a measure of the key foundational knowledge required to participate
  3. Consult the timetable to see which combinations are possible (if taking two subjects)
  4. If taking a subject for credit, discuss with your honours/masters coordinator and receive approval. More information on receiving credit is included below

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend in person at The University of Sydney to maximise their summer school experience, however, can opt to participate online. Please note, while AMSI and The University of Sydney will endeavour to provide the best experience possible for virtual participants, not all elements of the program may be available remotely, and some online functions may be limited.


Summer School 2025 Commences
Summer School 2025 Concludes
Summer School 2025 Examinations (conducted at home)
Subject Lecturer Course Information Quiz
Algebraic Knot Theory Associate Professor Zsuzsanna Dancso, The University of Sydney Subject guide Take quiz
Elliptic PDE from an elementary viewpoint Professor Enrico Valdinoci, The University of Western Australia Subject guide Take quiz
Introduction to Financial Calculus Dr Anna Aksamit, The University of Sydney Subject guide Take quiz
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations with Applications in Industry Dr Ayesha Sohail, The University of Sydney Subject guide Take quiz
Optimal transportation and Monge-Ampère equations Associate Professor Jiakun Liu, The University of Wollongong Subject guide Take quiz
Statistical and Time Series Analysis of Climate Variables Professor John Boland, The University of South Australia Subject guide Take quiz
Statistical modelling and analysis for time-series data in Engineering and Statistics Professor Sumeetpal Singh, The University of Wollongong
Dr David Gunawan, The University of Wollongong
Subject guide Take quiz
Topics in Data Science and Machine Learning Professor Yiming Ying, The University of Sydney Subject guide Take quiz

Summer School for credit

STUDENTS: did you know you could take a Summer School subject for credit and have it count towards your degree?

Credit Points

Mathematical sciences departments at most Australian universities recognise AMSI Summer School subjects and will credit results towards your degree. Please discuss with your home university to confirm. Approval from your home institution is required to receive credit.

Students may enrol in one or two subjects. Due to the condensed nature and intensity of the program, students may only take one subject for credit.


Assessment will be offered for each subject and will be compulsory for all students taking the subject for credit towards their degree. Students must inform the lecturer if they intend to take the subject for credit/assessment. Details about assessment tasks can be found on the subject guides pages.

Final examinations will be conducted remotely after the Summer School ends.

As per standard university rules, plagiarism or copying is not acceptable and will incur penalties, which may be as severe as failure in the subject.

Special Consideration

Requests for special consideration should be sent to the AMSI Summer School Director, who will provide a copy to the lecturer. All requests must be made in writing and should include supporting documentation as appropriate.

Any action on a special consideration request will be conducted in consultation between the lecturer and the AMSI Summer School Director.