“Make sure you allow yourself enough time to properly devote
yourself to the subjects! Intense units are exactly what they say
on the label – intense!”


Cassady Swinbourne, University of Tasmania



AMSI Summer School 2022 will offer a total of eight subjects. These may not be available at your home institution, or may simply appeal to your desire to broaden your academic interests. AMSI Summer School students may take one or two of the offered subjects over the four-week period, and may also be eligible to gain university credit points for one of their subjects with permission from their home institution. University staff are also welcome to attend, but no scholarships will be awarded to these participants.

Students will elect their preferred subject/s during the application process. While students are not guaranteed acceptance into their chosen subject, every effort will be made to accommodate nominated preferences. Should a subject reach maximum capacity prior to commencement, preference will be allocated based on the timing of student application submissions and on merit. The final decision on subject placements is at the discretion of the AMSI Summer School organisers.

Each subject consists of 28 contact hours. This equates to approximately seven hours per week on average over the 26-day duration of the AMSI Summer School. Additional information about each subject and the coursework requirements is available on the Courses & Lecturers page.

While students may take up to two subjects, they may only nominate one for assessment.

Due to the intense nature of the subjects, it is important that students meet the prerequisite requirements of each course. Pre-course quizzes are available to self-evaluate your skills and get a measure of the key foundational concepts required to participate in the subject.

To maximise your experience, Summer School will feature domestic keynote speakers, researchers and/or lecturers, as well as a number of program extras including social events, a special guest public lecture, careers session, and a Diversity in STEM panel event.

Credit Points

Mathematical sciences departments at most Australian universities recognise AMSI Summer School subjects and will credit results from Summer School towards your degree. You will require approval from you home institution before confirming with the event administrator that you will be taking a subject for credit.

Students may enrol in one or two subjects. Due to the condensed nature and intensity of the program, students may only take one subject for credit. This way, students are able to enjoy all aspects of the program, social as well as academic without feeling unnecessarily stressed and overwhelmed. If you do choose to take a subject for credit, please check with your home university for permission and to confirm that it will be counted towards your degree.

For any further discussion regarding credit points, please contact the AMSI Summer School team at coordinator_rhed@amsi.org.au.


Assessment will be offered for each subject and will be compulsory for all students taking the subject for credit towards their degree. Students must inform the lecturer if they intend to take the subject for credit/assessment. Details about assessment tasks can be found on the Courses & Lecturers pages.

Final examinations will be conducted at students’ home institutions soon after the Summer School ends. Please visit Key Dates section on the homepage for the confirmed examination date.

As per standard university rules, plagiarism or copying is not acceptable and will incur penalties, which may be as severe as failure in the subject.

Special Consideration

Requests for special consideration should be sent to the AMSI Summer School Director, who will provide a copy to the lecturer. All requests must be made in writing and should include documented evidence as appropriate.

Any action on a special consideration request will be conducted in consultation between the lecturer and the AMSI Summer School Director.