Effective Teaching, Effective Learning in Quantitative Disciplines


Associate Professor Katherine Seaton, La Trobe University


The aim of this subject is to introduce those who will be tutors in the mathematical sciences to the theories, principles and practice of university learning and teaching in this area. This subject has been designed to provide practical, discipline-specific and best-practice strategies for teaching and assessment so as to enhance student engagement and learning in mathematics. Through a series of sequential online modules, supplemented by face-to-face workshops, we will examine how students learn in mathematics and how you can use this knowledge to plan your lessons and how you go about giving feedback.

Course Overview

  • Demonstrate an enthusiasm for the discipline of mathematics and a commitment to developing a student learning community that is respectful of the individual learner
  • Use knowledge of the discipline and how students learn (both generally and in the discipline) to select appropriate teaching and learning activities for mathematics classes
  • Develop a repertoire of strategies to create positive learning environments that are supportive and engaging, and that allow students to gain feedback to enhance their learning
  • Plan how you will evaluate and reflect on the effectiveness of your teaching through collection of evidence about student learning and student engagement.


  • Completion of first three years of a bachelor’s degree, majoring in mathematics, statistics or other discipline with significant quantitative content.


  • Teaching philosophy statement: 30%
  • Annotated lesson plans: 30%
  • Active participation in face-to-face workshops: 10%
  • Teaching portfolio or literature review: 30%

Resources/pre-reading (if available)

  • This subject will be delivered in flipped mode, with online readings supplied through an LMS.

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Associate Professor Katherine Seaton,
La Trobe University

Katherine Seaton is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at La Trobe University. She has published articles in the areas of mathematical physics, maths applications, tertiary mathematics education and mathematics and the arts. Her particular interest in mathematics education is in assessment and in academic integrity. Katherine has over twenty-five years’ experience in tertiary mathematics teaching, recognised by several La Trobe teaching awards. Since 2012, she has coordinated the professional development unit Effective Teaching, Effective Learning in Quantitative Disciplines on behalf of the AustMS Standing Committee on Mathematics Education.