“The variety of courses gave different flavours of maths that I
had never seen before, and so I feel as though my world got
a little bigger after participating in Summer School.”

Wills Ton Minh Nguyen, The University of Adelaide

Courses and Lecturers

The AMSI Summer School 2022 program enables students to study one or two of the eight intensive honours-level subjects offered during the four-week hybrid school. With permission from their home university they can nominate (at the time of application) one subject for credit/assessment towards their degree.

Click on the topics below to find out more about the subject overviews, prerequisites, assessment and resources.

All Summer School subjects have prerequisites that students should consult before applying. Click on the quizzes below to find out a bit more about the level of foundational knowledge required to participate.

Note: When choosing subjects consult the timetable to see which combinations are possible. Join our mailing list and be the first to know when the timetable is released.

Key Dates

Summer School 2022 Program Commences
Summer School 2022 Program Concludes
Summer School 2022 Examinations (conducted at home)
Subject Lecturer/s Quiz
Computational Complexity Associate Professor Youming Qiao, University of Technology Sydney Take Quiz
Machine Learning in Financial Mathematics Dr Ivan Guo, Monash University
Dr Kihun Nam, Monash University
Take Quiz
Bayesian Statistical Learning Dr Matias Quiroz , University of Technology, Sydney Take Quiz
Mean Curvature Flow – Introduction and
Results in Various Settings

(proudly sponsored by AustMS)
Dr Valentina-Mira Wheeler, University of Wollongong
Dr Glen Wheeler, University of Wollongong
Take Quiz
Fourier Analysis and Distribution Theory Dr Melissa Tacy, The University of Auckland (NZ)
Dr Timothy Candy, The University of Otago (NZ)
Take Quiz
A Modern Introduction to Extreme
Value Theory

(proudly sponsored by the Statistical Society of Australia)
Professor Scott Sisson, UNSW
Dr Boris Beranger, UNSW
Take Quiz
Cryptography for Cybersecurity Dr. Arathi Arakala, RMIT Take Quiz
Geological Fluid Dynamics
(proudly sponsored by ANZIAM)
Dr Anja Slim, Monash University
Dr Edward Hinton, The University of Melbourne
Take Quiz

Summer School for Credit

Did you know you could take a Summer School subject for credit and have it count towards your degree?