AMSI Summer School Careers Day

Careers Day 2023 CSIRO’s Data 61

At CSIRO’s Data61 we are creating Australia’s data driven future .

As applied R&D partner, our capabilities range from cyber security, privacy data exchanged, IoT, blockchain, robotics, machine learning and analytics, software and programming technology to behavioural science and more. We partner with government, corporates and universities to tackle nation shaping issues with science and technology.

Next Generation Graduate Programs

The Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Graduates and Next Generation Emerging Technologies Graduates Programs expect to fund at least 480 nationally competitive scholarships to attract and train the next generation of technology specialists.

Students will participate in industry-led research projects and placements to build job-ready skills. The scholarships will be co-funded with industry for post graduate students at all levels. Students will enrol as part of a cohort – or group of students whose individual projects all contribute to a larger multi-disciplinary program of work aimed at solving a real-world challenge. This will allow graduates with varying backgrounds to work alongside and learn from each other in a truly multi-disciplinary environment. The program strives to develop entrepreneurial thinking and skill-sets earlier, where cross-pollination of ideas leads to breakthrough innovation.

Data61 PhD Scholarships

Our aim is to produce top-quality doctoral students who can go on to contribute to our data-skilled workforce to shape Australia’s digital future. Our scholarship students are the next generation of research leaders in data science who progress on to a diverse range of careers the industry, research and academia.

Student Opportunities at CSIRO

Amplify your science or technology career by joining one of our studentship programs.

Career Opportunities at CSIRO

CSIRO offers employment opportunities in a range of disciplines that include roles conducting innovative research, research and general management, and enterprise support services.

The CSIRO Experience

Find out what life at CSIRO is all about. We provide a supportive environment where our team members flourish and thrive. With our generous leave entitlements, flexible working conditions and competitive salaries, joining Team CSIRO is a great move, both professionally and personally.

CSIRO on LinkedIn

Join our LinkedIn group where students, researchers and industry representatives can share information and make connections.