AMSI Careers Day 2023

Careers Day 2023 Australian Space Agency

Ever dreamt of a career in space? It’s not just for rocket scientists and engineers. At the Australian Space Agency we hope to expand your ideas about what jobs exist in the wider space sector from lawyers, to doctors, to tradies. With the focus of the Australian Space Agency to support the growth and transformation of Australia’s space industry, creating 20,000 jobs by 2030, there has not been a better time to think about your place in space.

The Australian Space Agency, which was established on 1st July 2018, has a presence Australia-wide with the hub built on Kuarna land within Lot Fourteen (in the North Eastern corner of the city of Adelaide). Using our unique geographic location and skills, the Australian Space Agency will help grow a responsible and inspiring Australian space sector, with national and international capabilities.


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Current Vacancies

 Find current job vacancies listed on the department’s career page

Pathways for a career in space

The space sector needs all sorts of skills and types of people. Discover all the possible space career pathways

Plan your visit to the Australian Space Discovery Centre

At the Australian Space Discovery Centre, you can explore the latest innovations in space technologies. Learn about Australia’s role in space and be inspired by stories of opportunity, curiosity and technology.

People in the space sector

Learn about people working in Australia’s space sector, including what they do and how they got there

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