“AMSI Summer School is an awesome place to make friends, especially if you can’t go out much or don’t like going outside. I enjoyed AMSI Summer School mostly because I got to talk to so many different people doing Mathematics & Statistics all over Australia and get to know them, and see situations from so many different points of view. It also taught me so many valuable lessons that I don’t think we could learn outside.”

Jia Jun  (Harry) Ooi, Murdoch University

Apply for a grant

AMSI Summer School offers a travel grant to help students and early career researchers from member institutions cover the cost of their program registration fees.*

We strongly recommend you read the information published about grants in the section below before applying.

Please note: You will need to upload a Letter of Support (from your current supervisor, honours coordinator, or head of department) to support your Grant Application to assist funding your attendance at AMSI Summer School 2021 during the application process.

The letter of support from your Supervisor should be a formal letter of recommendation vouching for your capabilities and suitability to attend this program, the benefit of you attending the school from an academic standpoint and supporting your request for financial assistance (if you are applying for a grant). It need only be brief (eg.100-200 words) and submitted on university letterhead or contain your Supervisor’s formal email signature. The Summer School Event Director and Committee will take these into account when reviewing all grant applications to approve and confirm all the final attendants for the program.

If you have any questions about Grants and/or the Grant Application Form please Contact Us.

* Key eligibility criteria applies.

Key Dates

Summer School 2021 Grant Applications Open
Summer School 2021 Grant Applications Close (midnight)
Grant Applicants advised of funding outcomes
Deadline for students to accept Travel Grant offers
Summer School 2021 commences, virtual program, The University of Adelaide
Summer School 2021 concludes, virtual program, The University of Adelaide
Summer School 2021 examinations (conducted at home)

AMSI Travel Grants

Applications close 11.59pm, Sunday 25 October

AMSI Travel Grants provide full or partial support for Australian enrolled mathematical sciences and cognate discipline students to participate in AMSI Flagship programs including AMSI Summer School 2021. These grants help to cover program registration fees for the four-week school.

Applicants must, at the time of the event satisfy the following criteria:

(a) be enrolled in a mathematical sciences or related cognate discipline degree at an AMSI Member University outside of the host city;

Before applying, please read the AMSI Travel Grant Rules on this page.

1. AMSI Travel Grants provide full or partial support for mathematical sciences and cognate discipline students enrolled at an AMSI Member institution to participate in AMSI Flagship programs (AMSI Summer School, AMSI Winter School, AMSI BioInfoSummer)

2. Applicants must be:

(a) Enrolled in a mathematical sciences or cognate discipline degree at an AMSI Institution

Preference will be given to applicants from mathematics and statistics departments, however, students from cognate disciplines are invited to apply with the support of the AMSI Member representative at your university.

3. Funding is available for:

(a) Participant travel from their home city to the program host city; and/or
(b) Accommodation in the host city for the duration of the program

Funding is awarded to a capped amount for each item requested.

Funding will not be granted for day-to-day expenses, for example groceries, clothes, toiletries, taxis, Ubers etc

4. Each applicant can receive at most one AMSI Travel Grant in any one-year period/12-month period


  • There are limited funded places available. This application does not guarantee funding.
  • We reserve the right to allocated a lower level of funding than originally requested.
  • If your application for funding is unsuccessful, and your attendance is dependent on this money, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee on receipt of a written request to withdraw from attending the School.
  • While non-AMSI Member students are welcome to attend AMSI Summer School, there are currently no grants available to assist with travel, accommodation and/or other costs.

5. Applications may be submitted at any time before the Grant Application deadline and will be considered according to the schedule outlined.

6. Applications should consist of the completed application form, and a letter of support from your current supervisor, Honours Coordinator or Head of Mathematical Sciences clearly stating that they support your application for this grant.

To complete your application the following information is required:

  • Applicant information
  • Type/s of funding requested (travel/accommodation)
  • Budget outlining expenses
  • Why you want to participate in AMSI Summer School (max 200 words)
  • How participating AMSI Summer School will benefit your skills development and career (max 200 words)
  • Details regarding other funding (max 200 words)
  • Other information relevant to your application
  • A letter of support from your current supervisor, Honours Coordinator or Head of mathematical sciences (pdf files only)

7. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis, taking into account the overall benefit to the applicants. AMSI and/or the Event Director may seek additional advice as required.

8. In applying for an AMSI Travel Grant applicants agree:

(a) that their name, photo and/or biography can be published on the event website, and for other AMSI reports and promotional material
(b) to submit a short written report about the event within 30 days of completion of the program to be used in AMSI reports, websites, newsletters and other promotional material. A report template will be provided by AMSI
(c) to complete the post event feedback survey

9. Recipients must participate fully in the program that they have received funding for

Successful applicants must confirm acceptance of the Travel Grant in writing as per the Grant Notification Letter. Offers not accepted within this time may be withdrawn and may be offered to other applicants.

10. The AMSI Travel Grant is paid on confirmation of full attendance from the AMSI Summer School Event Director.

Funding is awarded to a capped amount for each item requested.

The attendee must submit tax invoices (where possible) for the agreed items to their home university to arrange reimbursement. The university provides an invoice to claim the reimbursement from The University of Adelaide (the host university).

The invoice should include the following details:

  • Name of the grant recipient
  • Date and full name of the event
  • Receipts/tax invoices relating to all expenses

Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to check their home university guidelines before booking their travel