AMSI Summer School 2017 Key Dates

1 August 2016 – AMSI Summer School & Grant Applications Open

30 October 2016 – First Registration & Grant Application Deadline: AMSI Summer School applications and grant applications close for students seeking grant support

4 December 2016 – Final Registration Deadline:  AMSI Summer School Applications Close for all other students (i.e., those not seeking grant support, self funding and/or local students)

9 January 2017 – AMSI Summer School 2017 Starts

17 January 2017 – Women in Maths Networking Event

24 January 2017 – Careers Afternoon

31 January 2017 – Public Lecture

3 February 2017 – AMSI Summer School 2017 Ends

13 February 2017 – Examinations at the Student’s Home University, for all students taking courses for credit

 Please note: Key dates are subject to change without notice if required.

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